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Migtown Podcast

Apr 29, 2022

Migtown Podcast Episode 074: Drexel vs Twitter

This week, Drexel features callers from our Discord talking about their thoughts on the recent aquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk. We also learn that Koopa's performance is so good, it will make your head pop off!

Migtown Arcade: 

Apr 22, 2022

Migtown Podcast Episode 073: Drexel vs Division

This week, Drexel and Producer Tim talk about division in the manosphere, the Asian paradox, 420 with our favourite green zombie, Libs of TikTok, the fate of Coach Redpill, the lack of resolve, and much more!

Migtown Arcade: 

Apr 15, 2022

Migtown Podcast Episode 072: Drexel vs Australia

It's super late and you know what. Easter weekend was a complete wash for Producer Tim. On this week's episode, Drexel invites two Aussie men into the studio to talk about the future of the USA by looking across the pond. We talk Cop Gaggers, conservatives being useless,...

Apr 8, 2022

Migtown Podcast Episode 071: Drexel vs Chivalry

Andrew from Legal Mindset is back. There has been a lot going on in the manosphere. Drex and Andrew talk about fake redpills, bringing back chivalry, catching a tombstone for defending honor, what it would take for Drex to smash Lizzo, picking up Amish chicks, getting...

Apr 1, 2022

Migtown Podcast Episode 069: Drexel vs 69 for 69

Alright, I give up. Warstarter and Duke are away. We owe you a Warstarter show and it will happen later. But for now you get Hammerhand. Hammer returns to join Drex this week to joke about Will Smith, Jack Murphy's 69 for 69, discuss the state of chivalry, and much more!...