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Migtown Podcast

Jan 28, 2022

Migtown Podcast Episode 061: Drexel vs Snake's Revenge

This week, Drex brings back his cousin to talk about gaming. We discuss the evolution of all three of our gaming histories, our favourite games, getting into the zone, developers not taking risks, overheating from focus, the hope of Last of Us to the disappointment...

Jan 21, 2022

Migtown Podcast Episode 060: Drexel vs The Hammer

This week, we bring in the legendary Hammerhand for the world's greatest collaboration. Yes, I am picturing the epic handshake from Predator as I write this. Drex and Hammer talk about watering down the message vs being real, PUA's and incels, chameleons, women in the...

Jan 14, 2022

Migtown Podcast Episode 059: Drexel vs Family Reunions

Drex invites his cousin, Black Reign, to discuss growing up in a different era, Uncle Sam whoopings, video games, arcade life, raising boys from then vs now, the degenerate family reunions, and much more!

Thumbnail art by Reishi:

Jan 7, 2022

Migtown Podcast Episode 058: Drexel vs Your Health

As we ring in 2022, Drexel invites Phoenix and Ms JLove to talk about health topics. Phoenix tells you the importance of getting your health checked, and listening to the signs. Ms JLove will tell you a story about a guy with performance issues and how to talk to women...