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Migtown Podcast

Sep 22, 2021

Migtown Podcast Episode 043: Drexel vs 4th and Long

This week Drexel and Producer Tim bring NCAA Cat back into the studio. Now cricket-free! We talk the Canadian election (quickly, I promise), "eh" quotas, the metaphor between relationships and sports, the rat utopia experiment, and cat-calling.


Sep 17, 2021

Migtown Podcast Episode 042: Drexel vs Zombies

Drexel and Producer Tim bring the commander of the warband, Undead Chronic into the studio. We discuss the origins of the warband, how cucks fight, the state of hookup culture, organic discovery, and much more!

Migtown Arcade: 

Sep 11, 2021

Migtown Podcast Episode 041: Drexel vs Cats

Drexel and Producer Tim bring NCAA Cat into the studio to discuss some goings on in college football, the decline of sports, the decline of colleges, a Space Jam with Tiger Woods, inappropriate phrasing, dishonored veterans, surviving college in NYC, and much more!

Sep 3, 2021

Migtown Podcast Episode 040: Drexel vs TUGging on the Wall

Drexel and Producer Tim bring That Umbrella Guy (TUG) into the studio to discuss comics, the state of cultural media, living in the south, living in rural America, broken mailboxes, and much more! It's official. Migtown Podcast has hit the big four oh....